Where the Saints Meet

1529 Nickel Street

Rapid City, South Dakota 57701


   The Rapid City church of Christ is believed to be the first congregation of the churches of Christ to be established in the state of South Dakota.  Christians began meeting in March of 1949 when six to eight Christians, members of the U. S. Air Force from nearby Ellsworth AFB, started assembling together.   The first meetings were at the Ellsworth AFB Hospital and the Base School.  

   The congregation began meeting in Rapid City in the fall of 1950.  Services were held in a rented room at the Modern Woodsmen Hall, located on First and Kansas City Streets. 

 Land was purchased in 1951 at Sixth and Flormann Street in preparation for construction of a meeting place. Work began and a concrete block building was finally completed by 1956. It was strongly built and served the congregation well.  

      Rapid growth soon dictated that a move to a larger facility would be necessary.  A larger building, previously owned by a denomination, became available and was purchased to serve the growing needs of the congregation. It was located at the corner of 5th and St. Patrick Street.  This location served as a meeting place until early 1969.  The building no longer exists as it burned several years ago.

    There were no other congregations in the area during those years.  Charles Freeman, a minister here during the early times, relates that the members worked very hard not only to further the work in Rapid City, but to establish congregations in the area.  Members of the church would drive many miles to preach and conduct worship services in the cities of Hot Springs, Faith, Sturgis, and Spearfish, South Dakota.  Some meetings were also held at Wall, although the work did not take root there.

   Continuing growth motivated the congregation to make the decision to build a larger structure that would meet their needs for worship and Bible study.  The site chosen was in a growing development and the building was located at the corner of 1529 West Boulevard, North and Lark Drive.  The location is just south of the intersection of Interstate  I-190 and Interstate I-90.  Construction was completed on a brick building and the first assembly took place in July 1969.  It is still serving us well as the present meeting place.


   New construction of the I-190 interchange at North/Silver Street began in 2015 and made many changes.  Part of that change was the renaming of West Boulevard, North to Nickel Street in January 2017.  Our building is now located at 1529 Nickel Street without any physical address change.  The interchange aconstruction will be completed in late October 2017.  When is completed road access will be improved as Nickel street will lead directly from the new exchange to the building.


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Updated 12 January 2017